Different Mother´s day Traditions Around the world


The team at At Home in Edinburgh want to dedicate today´s post to all  Mums around the world.

Happy Mother´s Day, Feliz Dia de la Madre, Glückliche Tag der Mutter,  Feliz dia das Mães… it doesn´t matter  how you say it because the feeling is the same. We want to remind you we love you and thank you.

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 Mother´s day are celebrated all around the world in different dates and different ways. The earliest history of Mother´s Day dates back to the ancient Greeks, they dedicated their anual spring festival to honor Rhea, the mother of all Gods and Goddesses in the Greek Mythology. After that, many other cultures have celebrated this day to honor Mums for all they do all year long.

In the UK, Mother´s day celebration started  back in the 17th century by the name of Mothering Sunday. During medieval times poor families sent their children off to work as domestic servants or apprentices to rich families. Their day off these children were allowed to visit their Mother Church or the Cathedral of the home town in the middle of the fast month of Lent. Children met their mothers after vivsiting the church and presented them with flowers and cakes. Today Mother´s day in the UK is celebrated in  the same way as it is in America with flowers, meals, cards and family meals.

In Spain, “El día de la Madre ” is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. It is very common to give them flowers. Childrens try to behave this day and in schools teachers encourage  them to draw pictures or write letters to their mothers.

In poland, “Dzien Matki” is celebrated on 26 of May. This day mothers are given cards, cakes and presents. Children in some schools make laurki, which are papers decorated with flowers and writen with personal notes for their mothers.

In Germany, “Muttertag” takes place on the second Sunday in May. People congratulate their Mothers for everything they do, say good wishes and give them presents or unexpected surprises. Childrens compliment their mothers by giving cards.

In Brazil, “Dia das mies” is one of the most commercial holidays celebrated. Brazilians commemorate this day on the second Sunday in May with special childrens performances and church gatherings that usually culminate with large and multigenerational barbacues.