Tenant Information

Please contact us to arrange a physical property viewing. For most properties we also have a virtual viewing video that you can find in the property advert. It is beneficial to watch the video before booking a physical viewing.

Our office number is 0131 229 4001 and our email address is [email protected].

Please note that we require you (or someone on your behalf) to watch the viewing video or visit the property before applying.

After you (or someone on your behalf) has viewed the property or viewing video, we ask you to complete our Note of Interest form (see button below). This form gives us a summary of the proposed tenancy and each tenant’s situation. We will then send a summary of the information to the landlord of the property to obtain their approval to move forward with the application process. We do not work on a first come first served basis as we strive to match the right tenants to the right property. All notes of interest will be considered. Click the button below to submit a note of interest in one of our properties.

Submit a note of interest

Once we have received approval from the landlord, we will formally offer you the property (subject to referencing) and we will send you our online application form to complete. One application form should be completed by each prospective tenant.

What information will I require to complete the form?

Before completing the form you will need the following information to hand:

  • Personal details – so we know who you are.
  • Landlord reference details – these allow us to obtain a previous landlord reference.
  • Employment / study details – these allow us to confirm your income or student status.
  • Guarantor details – a guarantor may be required if your income does not meet affordability e.g. you are a student.
  • Previous UK address details – these allow us to undertake a credit check.

Do I need to submit any documentation?

You do not need to submit any documentation with your application. If your application is successful, we will request the necessary documentation.

When will a decision be made?

We usually wait 24 hours following a viewing for notes of interest to be submitted. We then summarise the notes of interest and send them to the landlord for approval.

It normally takes a landlord around 24 hours to come back to us with a decision and we will then communicate the decision to all applicants.

What happens next?

We will keep you up to date throughout every stage of the application process. We will undergo referencing on your behalf and if the landlord is happy to proceed, we will send out lease documentation for you to review and sign. Everything can be done online to make the process as simple as possible.

Once the legal paperwork has been accepted and signed, we will set out payments required and arrange key collection/property handover.

Inventory – you will be provided with a written and photographic inventory of the property and contents. You need to review the inventory, add any comments, sign and return it to us within 7 days. Any maintenance or cleaning issues must be raised immediately.

Council tax – you need to inform the council that you are now occupying the property and set up a payment method. Students need to apply for a council tax exemption.

Utilities – you will be provided with the name of the current utility provider. You need to contact them to set up an account and payment method or switch to another provider.

Issues will inevitably arise in a property. You may be able to solve some of these issues yourself with a bit of help. Please refer to our Support Hub for help with some of the most common problems we encounter.

Making alterations to property

Please do not make any alterations e.g. painting, to the property without written permission from the landlord. If you want to put up pictures, then please use picture pins and not screws or Blutac. If in doubt, please contact us first.

Serving notice / Ending the tenancy

Please check the notice period required in your tenancy agreement and email us to inform us of the date you want to bring the tenancy to an end. We will then email you detailed instructions of the move out process and any final rent payments required.

Cleaning checklist

Many tenants leave cleaning until the last night and discover there is far more to do than they envisaged. We advise you read the below cleaning checklist and make an early start on the steps required.

If you need help with cleaning, please ask us for recommended cleaning companies.

Please note that after the tenancy has ended you will not be permitted to return to the property to attend to any outstanding issues.

Deposit return

At any point after the tenancy has ended you can apply to the tenant deposit scheme, who hold your deposit, for the deposit to be returned. You will be provided with details of how to do this.

After your tenancy has ended, we will undertake a formal move out inspection. At this inspection we will check the condition and cleanliness of the property against the inventory provided to you when you moved into the property. You will then be provided with a move out report which we ask you to review and comment on.

If there are any deductions to be made, then these will be submitted to the tenant deposit scheme for you to accept or dispute.

Council tax

You need to inform the council that you are changing address so they can send you a final invoice/credit. That can be done through the below form.


You need to provide final meter readings to your utility company and close your account. Please make sure that the meter readings are taken at the point the tenancy ends so that they match the readings we record in our move out report.