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Make the most of your outdoor space this summer

The outdoor space available to most of us living in Edinburgh is often communal, limited in size and usually a bit unloved. Here the At Home in Edinburgh team gives you a few tips for turning your space into a beautiful retreat you can enjoy all summer long. No dirt doesn’t have to mean no …


Tips to save time when moving home

At one point or another, everyone has to move. Moving comes with plenty of challenges, but At Home In Edinburgh has a few simple tips for saving time and protecting your belongings. Gather Supplies Ahead of Time You can never prepare too early for a move. Once you know your move is definite, it’s time to start picking …


5 steps to personalising your rental property

One of the challenges of living in a rental property is making it feel like your own home. A tenants lease may restrict them from making alterations, including decorating, to the property without prior approval from the landlord/agent. Here are a few suggestions to help you personalise your rental property without altering it. If you are unsure if you …


What is the correct heating system for your rental property?

This is one of the most important questions for landlords to consider. Whatever system you choose carries implications for the efficiency of the property, its desirability for tenants and the potential profitability of your venture. Gas or electric heating? Gas versus electric heating has always been the eternal question for landlords for decades and one of the …


New regulatory requirements

Most of the headlines for the Private Rented Sector (PRS) in Scotland have been grabbed by the Private Housing (Tenancies)(Scotland) Bill, which was passed this month and set to become an Act. However, before we get an entirely new tenancy regime for the PRS, the sector will have to grapple with mandatory registration of letting …


How to find the perfect flatmate

Selecting the right flatmate is not an easy task, especially if you don´t know the person at all. A little bit of planning or forethought can help you to make the correct decision. The team At home in Edinburgh want to share with you some tips to find the perfect flatmate. Write down a list of qualities you …


Edinburgh rental performance – winter 2016

According to the recent Lettingweb report from winter 2016 (Dec, Jan, Feb), in most regions of Scotland properties are being rented out quicker, demonstrating increasing market demand and lack of sufficient stock. Rent increases remain modest overall in Scotland, with Aberdeen still declining. Edinburgh continues to be the strongest performing Scottish city, with two bedroom rents …


Easy & affordable ways to add appeal to your short term rental property

As most short term properties are booked without viewing, adding visual appeal can increase rents and reduce vacant periods. Filling your home with visual joy doesn’t need to be a complicated task; we have seven easy and affordable ways to decorate your property. Take a look and get inspired! 1. Light up your property Many people probably associate …


Selecting the right buy-to-let property

As a buy-to-let landlord, your choice of property is critical in ensuring you achieve the best possible return from your investment and minimal vacant periods. Don’t let your personal preferences influence your business decision. Set a budget It might sound obvious but work out your budget first. This will dictate both the type of property …


At Home In Edinburgh – March 2016 Newsletter

What are we up to? After a busy start to 2016, the next six months are gearing up to be some of our busiest yet as we concentrate on securing festival and student lets. General festival interest is ramping up and we have been proactively contacting our regular visitors and hunting out potential new guests. …

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