How to carry out sales viewings in Edinburgh

How to carry out sales viewings

An At Home In Edinburgh guide

Selling a property can be both exciting and daunting, especially when you’re ready to carry out sales viewings. In Edinburgh, where the property market can be competitive, it is essential to ensure your viewings are conducted effectively to attract the right potential buyers and to secure a successful sale.

We have created this comprehensive guide to conducting viewings when selling a property in Edinburgh.

Who should carry out viewings?

Wherever possible, we advise property owners to carry out sales viewings themselves. As the owner of the property, you can provide the best possible viewing experience to potential buyers. You can provide a personal experience by answering any questions viewers may have about living in your property, the area, the neighbours, etc.

We will guide you through the process and make sure you are equipped to answer any questions viewers may have.

However, if it is not practical for you to carry out viewings, At Home In Edinburgh can carry out viewings on your behalf.

The right viewing format

Viewings can either be carried out by appointment at a mutually convenient time or by open viewing, usually on a Sunday between 2.00pm-4.00pm. We can help you decide what will work best for you and your property.

At open viewings, viewers do not require appointments, and can turn up any time within the viewing window. This style of viewing works well in a good market to maximise exposure (particularly if you have children or pets to remove). The disadvantage to open viewings is that we have no record of who will be attending and what their circumstances are. It can also be difficult to give enough time to each viewer to answer individual questions.

When viewing by appointment we will usually book a half hour appointment per viewer to give them time to have a good look around. We try to determine a viewer’s situation to ensure that they are suitable and not wasting your time and we keep a record of who will be attending. This allows us to follow up with viewers and to ask for feedback. A viewing appointment is a much more personal experience and gives the viewer chance to ask questions and get a more detailed feel for the property. We always try to group viewings together to minimise disturbance to yourself.

The right timing

When booking by appointment, timing is important. We need to consider factors such as daylight hours, weather conditions, and the target audience for your property. In Edinburgh, where weather can be unpredictable, we will aim for daylight hours to showcase your property in its best light. Weekends and evenings are often preferred by potential buyers who work during the day.

Preparing your property

Before conducting any viewings, ensure your property is in its best possible condition. This includes decluttering, cleaning thoroughly, and making any necessary repairs or improvements. In Edinburgh, where aesthetics and charm often play a significant role in property sales, paying attention to details such as freshening up paintwork and enhancing curb appeal can make a substantial difference.

Please refer to our detailed guide on preparing a property for sale.

Final touches

Once the property has been prepared and is ready to go, there are still some final touches that can make all the difference on the day of the viewing.

Make sure there are no strong cooking smells (don’t cook smoked fish before the viewing!) or pet odours. Let fresh air into the property and consider burning a scented candle to provide a calming environment.

Playing relaxing music in the background can also help create the right atmosphere. There are plenty of playlists available online.

The property should be heated to a comfortable level (around 20 degrees). You do not want viewers to feel uncomfortable.

If the weather is suitable and you have a woodburning stove, open fire, or flame effect fire, consider having it on for the viewing.

Carrying out the viewing

Greet your viewers warmly, introduce yourself and provide some background on how long you have lived in the property and with who.

Walk the viewer through the property room by room and show them any outside space and storage areas. Explain what each room is used for and any key features. Try to start and finish the tour in the most impressive area. First impressions matter and getting off to a good start is important. Finishing the tour in the same area will help reinforce this and create a positive lasting impression.

Then give viewers the opportunity to walk around the property at their leisure so they can discuss things freely between themselves and absorb details. Allow them to open cupboards and explore as much as they wish.

You want viewers to feel at home so try not to oversell. Just relax and be welcoming.

Prepare to provide detailed information

Be prepared to provide potential buyers with plenty of information about your property and the surrounding area. Some common questions to expect are:

Property – general

  • How old is the building?
  • What is included in the sale e.g. white goods & window coverings?
  • Which way is north and south?
  • How much is the council tax?
  • Has the roof been regularly maintained?
  • Where do you park?
  • Is there enough storage?
  • Has there been any significant repairs / alterations carried out and are there any warranties/guarantees in place e.g. replacement of windows, insulation added?
  • Has the roof been regularly maintained?
  • Is the property listed / in a conservation area?

Property – utilities

  • What is the Energy Performance Certificate rating of the property?
  • What is the type of heating system?
  • How old is the boiler?
  • Are the windows double glazed?
  • What are your average utility bills?
  • How much is the council tax?
  • Who currently provides broadband and what are the speeds?
  • What is the water pressure like?

Personal questions

  • Why are you selling?
  • Have you found / bought the property you are moving to?
  • What are the neighbours like?

Area questions

  • What are the school catchments?
  • Where are the nearest amenities e.g. shops?
  • Where is the nearest park / outdoor space?
  • Where are the local transport links e.g. bus & tram stops?

We would be delighted to run through these questions with you in advance.

Probing questions

An interested buyer may ask probing questions to understand what interest there has been in the property and what sales price you may accept. Be honest about the number of notes of interest received and the number of any offers received (do not disclose the value of the offers).

If you are questioned on the sales price you may accept, please politely ask viewers to direct any questions or offers to your estate agent, who will be delighted to help.

Be accommodating and flexible

Flexibility when scheduling viewings is important. Remember that viewings are a necessary part of the process and essential for you to achieve your sales goals. For the buyer, buying your property is a huge commitment and they may request multiple viewings before making an offer.

Try to accommodate potential buyers’ schedules, including evenings and weekends. Offering a virtual video walkthrough by phone may also work for buyers who cannot visit in person.

Follow up

After each viewing, we will follow up promptly with potential buyers to gather feedback and feed this back to you. During this follow up we can also answer any additional questions the potential buyer may have.

We will also let you know of any notes of interest or offers received. With this information we will advise you on the best way forward e.g. if we should set a closing date or accept an offer, but ultimately it is your decision how to proceed.


Viewings can be daunting but are an essential part of the sales process. A well prepared and executed viewing will result in a more positive experience for potential buyers and will maximise your chances of achieving a successful sale in Edinburgh’s competitive property market.

At Home In Edinburgh will guide you through the viewing process and make sure you are equipped to deliver an effective viewing. Please get in touch for more information.