5 simple top tips for landlords this Christmas

5 simple top tips for landlords this Christmas

Christmas is almost here so here’s our top tips for landlords to help you relax over the holidays. After the year we’ve all had, this should be a time for relaxing – not worrying about what your tenants are up to.

We’ve already shared our guide to essential winter property maintenance, and top tips for landlords preparing their rental properties for winter. Now, take advantage of the festive period to create a good relationship with your tenants – after all, happy tenants are reliable, long term tenants, which makes for a happy landlord!

Christmas top tips for landlords

1.      Communication

‘Tis the season of goodwill, so a good way to get in touch with your tenants is with a Christmas card, a call or even an email – what’s important is to get in touch. While you wish them a merry Christmas or happy holidays it’s also an opportunity to gently mention any points you’d like them to keep in mind, to keep both your property and your tenants safe and secure. Remember to keep communications friendly but professional.

2.      Fire hazards

You want tenants to enjoy a special Christmastime in your property, which, after all, is their home. Making happy memories makes for happy tenants, who are more likely to pay attention to their actions and look after your property as if it were their own.

With everything from serene fairy lights on indoor Christmas trees to flashing light-up Santas in front gardens, it’s definitely a good idea to give a gentle reminder about fire safety at this time of year. Turning fairy lights off at night, making sure candles aren’t left unattended and ensuring electrical sockets aren’t overloaded are all good practice, along with checking smoke alarms. All this will help ensure your tenants light up their Christmas safely while giving you peace of mind.

3.      Unintentional damage to property

It’s easily done – from scuff marks on the walls to a glass of red wine spilt on the carpet, as a landlord you’ll be no stranger to accidental damage to properties. Christmas offers more risk of accidental damage, as tenants entertain friends and family or look to hang decorations.

A quick chat about what you consider appropriate is helpful. You may be fine with tenants bringing in a Christmas tree, hanging a front door wreath and pinning paperchains from the ceiling. Or, perhaps you dread sticky Blu-Tac marks on walls and don’t want a nail banged into the front door. Being up-front will give your tenants the confidence to make their home feel festive, while respecting your requests…. rather than repainting the front door Christmas-red or attaching flashing fairy lights to the roof!

4.      Thieves

The next in our list of top tips for landlords isn’t pleasant to think about, but Christmas is a prime time for burglars. Suggest to your tenants that they close curtains or blinds once it’s getting dark and keep expensive presents out of sight until it’s time to put them under the tree. Although, if your property is a third floor tenement then there’s less chance of opportunistic peeks in through the windows!

It’s also worth a reminder to your tenants that their contents isn’t covered by your insurance.

5.      Plan ahead

You’ll be able to relax better over the holidays if you have a plan for ‘just in case’. Find out now which of your regular tradespeople will be available or ask for recommendations if needed. Make sure you pass these names and numbers on to your tenants, so should the worst happen, hopefully it won’t be you receiving that Christmas morning phone call!

The Christmas present that lasts all year

Perhaps you’d prefer that someone else ensures that the boiler is working reliably, that winter property maintenance is up to date, or someone who isn’t you gets that Christmas morning phone call… Well, here’s an extra in our top tips for landlords – give us a call or drop us an email if you’d like to cut your To Do list and have more time. That could be time to enjoy the festivities, to enjoy the magic of a family Christmas or simply to step back from the whirlwind of day-to-day requirements.

We’re often referred to as Edinburgh’s friendliest and most efficient letting agency – take a look at our property management services. We’re always happy to tailor these to meet your needs, so why not give yourself a Christmas present that will last all year?

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and all the best for a happy New Year!