Private Landlord or Agency?


This is an important point to consider when looking for a short-term stay in Edinburgh. Many landlords have invested in buy to let properties in the city, as Edinburgh is such a popular destination during festival times and there will be a wide choice of properties offered by private individuals for you. Many landlords are responsible with their letting policies and will be keen to offer you accommodation. At the same time they will protect themselves with landlord insurance to cover unforeseen mishaps such as white goods breaking down or heating not working. As a festival visitor, or participant, however, you can never be quite sure who you are renting from and you will not have the peace of mind of knowing your accommodation will offer quality and peace and quiet if this is what you booked for. The last thing you want is to arrive in Edinburgh only to find your festival apartment is much further away than you had been told, or that it simply isn’t up to scratch.

Lettings agencies offer tenants a personal service to find them the very best accommodation at the budget they request. The customer’s needs are always put first and by using an agency that specialises in festival venues you will secure an apartment that suits you perfectly, making your stay so much more enjoyable.