Last Minute Festival Visitors


A Guide to Edinburgh Festival Letting…by Julie Houlden – June 2013

Sometimes visitors decide that the Edinburgh Festival is just the ticket, at the last minute. There are tips to follow for late arrivals to this buzzing city, and by following a few simple suggestions, accommodation will still be available to rent for your stay here.

Edinburgh is easy to travel around, as it remains quite a compact city. This means that if you book late for the festival, you can search for accommodation a little further from the city centre and public transport will guarantee you ease of travel to and from your destinations. Remember, too, that some of the festival venues will be taking place in areas such as Corstorphine and Portobello, just outside the centre.

Rentals are ideal for last minute visitors too. A short term let will be a better option for you if you decide to come to Edinburgh spontaneously during a busy month like August, and it is the preferred choice for friends or families sharing.