Tips to save time when moving home


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At one point or another, everyone has to move. Moving comes with plenty of challenges, but At Home In Edinburgh has a few simple tips for saving time and protecting your belongings.

Gather Supplies Ahead of Time

You can never prepare too early for a move. Once you know your move is definite, it’s time to start picking up your supplies. Make a checklist and start purchasing the things you will need. Buying boxes can be expensive so collect a couple of empty boxes each week from the supermarket during your weekly shop.

Pack in Plastic Storage Boxes Where Possible

Plastic storage boxes are a great way to pack and transport items. They are easy to stack and carry and will keep items safe from potential water damage and insects such as moths. Unlike cardboard boxes they don’t need to thrown away and can be used as storage in your new home.

Organise by Room

Try not to mix items from different rooms in the same box. This helps tremendously when unloading and unpacking. Once you pack each box, label it according to the room it belongs to. That way you can get everything in the correct spot first time, saving valuable time and energy.

Don’t Pack Empty Space

When packing, the goal is to get all your belongings into as few boxes as possible. To do this, make sure you fill any awkward spaces in your boxes with smaller items. It’s always best to start with your larger or heavier items on the bottom and work your way up, filling those empty spaces with smaller, lighter items.

 Pack Breakables Well

Packing breakables is the one exception to mixing items from different rooms. Use your bathroom or kitchen towels and washcloths for padding. This helps protect your items while eliminating boxes that would otherwise be filled with just towels.