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Short Term

(Holiday Lets)

We know our properties inside out and we pride ourselves on finding the right space for your needs. Let us know your requirements and we will help find your perfect short term base in Edinburgh. Please get in touch by email, phone or by completing our online enquiry form through the below button.

Short term enquiry form

All our properties can be found on our website with accurate photos and descriptions. If you prefer to browse yourself, do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions along the way.

Booking one of our short term properties is very simple. Just complete our online booking form through the below button.

Short term booking form

You will need to provide your personal details and state the dates you wish to book for. We will send the contract to you electronically along with payment details. Making payment of the deposit is deemed acceptance of the terms of the contract and the booking is secured.

Am I eligible to book a short term property?

Our short term portfolio are holiday style rentals let on a one to three month basis. To be eligible for this type of let, you must have a permanent residential address elsewhere that will be detailed on the booking contract.

I am based overseas. Can I make a booking?

Yes, many of our customers are based oversees. The booking and enquiry process can all be carried out online. We understand that payment may take a few days to arrive. Just keep in touch with us to let us know when payment has been made and we will keep the reservation in place for you.

I am between homes so I don’t know how long I will need a property for. Can I book a property on a rolling basis?

No, if you are between homes then you cannot book a short term flat. This will be your main residence so legally you need to book a residential property and have a Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) in place. There is no minimum term for a PRT so you can give 28 days’ notice any time after you move in.

Do I need to provide references to book a short term flat?

No, we will ask you to make payment upfront to protect our landlords from non-payment. This means references are not required. However, we will ask you how many people will be staying in a property and why you need accommodation. If a landlord does not feel comfortable with the let for any reason we will not be able to proceed with the booking.

Will I need to pay a deposit?

For most of our properties we will ask for a £500 refundable deposit to be paid in addition to the rent. This will be held for the duration of your stay but will be returned in full if everything is left clean and tidy without any damage.

Are there any other charges I need to know about?

We charge a one-off £60 booking fee (inclusive of VAT) to secure any of our short term lets.

Are utilities included?

Rents quoted include reasonable use of utilities and council tax. Meter readings will be taken before and after your stay and your usage will be calculated. If your usage exceeds that stated in our Fair Usage Policy then the difference will be deducted from your deposit after you have vacated. Please contact us for a copy of the Fair Usage Policy.

Is WIFI provided?

All of our short term properties include a domestic WIFI package in the rental price. We do not measure or record the download speeds as these can change over the day.

How long can I rent a short term property for?

Our short term lets usually last from 1-3 months in duration. Any longer and the short term nature of the booking becomes dubious. These lets are intended for short term periods and cannot be used as a main residence. We do accept weekly bookings at some properties so please contact us with your requirements.

Unless agreed otherwise, keys will be available for collection from our office in Marchmont from 3pm or 4pm on the day of your arrival (please refer to your contract). We have key safes outside our office for out-of-hours key collections.

We cannot meet you at the property because travel is often delayed and we do not have the resources to be on standby for all of our guests. If you require this service, please contact us and we may be able to facilitate a meet and greet during working hours at an additional cost.

If there are any issues with your property upon arrival, please let us know within 24 hours. We will do our best to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Issues may inevitably arise in a property. You may be able to solve some of these issues yourself with a bit of help. Please refer to our Support Hub for help with some of the most common problems we encounter.

Unless otherwise agreed, you must return the keys to our office by 10am or 11am on the day of your departure (please check your contract for verification). You will receive an email in the last week of your stay to confirm the move out process.

A short term property must be left clean and tidy without any damage. We will inspect the property as soon as we can following your departure and we will process the return of your deposit as quickly as possible.

Please complete the deposit return form you are provided with and leave it in the property for us to collect or email it to us. This will provide us with the details we need to return your deposit in a timely manner. If there will be any deductions from your deposit you will receive an email confirming these details before the deposit is returned.