Make the most of your outdoor space this summer


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The outdoor space available to most of us living in Edinburgh is often communal, limited in size and usually a bit unloved. Here the At Home in Edinburgh team gives you a few tips for turning your space into a beautiful retreat you can enjoy all summer long.

No dirt doesn’t have to mean no plants

A lot of gardens or balconies are just sad little stretches of concrete. But the good news is that you can still grow all kinds of plants, almost anything you can imagine. Plants can be grown in old buckets, plastic containers, paint tins, whatever you have to hand. For maximum visual appeal, vary the height, size, and even materials of the containers you choose, and pick plants in similarly tiered heights.

Grow up

Vertical planters are a great option for small outdoor spaces — they dramatically increase the amount of planting space available.

Embrace folding furniture

Furniture that folds is a great choice for a small outdoor space — buy chairs and a table that can be folded up and put away to reduce cluttering. There’s no point having a large dining set taking up all the room in a small garden.

Use all available space

Make use of every spare inch of space in the garden to maximise its potential. Use the sides of walls, fences, a shed or garage to hang pots, plants and baskets of trailing flowers, or even add ornamental items such as an outside clock, wind chime or bird house.

Create a sense of privacy

Outdoor space is often overlooked in Edinburgh but you can create an illusion of privacy with a few well arranged large pot plants. In larger gardens arches and pergolas can be installed to create a secluded seating area, and cover them with climbers.