How to find the perfect flatmate


Selecting the right flatmate is not an easy task, especially if you don´t know the person at all. A little bit of planning or forethought can help you to make the correct decision. The team At home in Edinburgh want to share with you some tips to find the perfect flatmate.

At home in Edinburgh

Write down a list of qualities you are looking for your future flatmate

Prepare a detailed list of qualities for your potential flatmate. The list should include, lifestyle habits, hygiene standards, profession, interests… etc. It is always better to have a clear idea of what are you looking for before starting the search.

Get to know the person

Get as much information as possible before you move in together. Find out about your prospective flatmate(s) lifestyle. Do they watch a lot of TV or listen loud music? Do they like being alone? Stay at home all the time? Vegan? It is important you know this things before you move in together. No one will be perfect, but ask yourself  if, on balance, do they have habits you can live with.

Be honest about what you really want 

Few things can be as contentious as cleaning habits as everyone has a different idea of what constitutes clean. Although there is no right way to live it is important you make sure your habits are similar. If you are trying to assess how clean someone is in an interview, ask about her or his cleaning habits. If they say, “it´s not a big deal”, it will probably mean that they are pretty messy. If  they suggest a regular cleaning schedule or splitting the cost of a house cleaner (which it is a really good idea) they will probably be tidy and clean.

Be clear about the costs you are going  to share

Money is often the main source of discord between flatmates. Communicate clearly what costs are you going to share and make sure the candidate has the resources to fulfill all the commitments. Mutual agreement regarding rental and other costs is a must before taking the final decision.

Do a background check

This might seem a bit cold but asking for references will give you much of the information you need.

Sign everything

When you have found someone you think you can live with, put as many things in writing (there are many standard forms available online). Informality and vagueness never pay.